We are a one stop shop printing solutions and services provider based in Australia. Our printing process and services cover printing solution consultation, production planning and scheduling, pre-press, offset printing, digital printing, post-press, quality check, packaging and delivery. Our printed products include (i) read-for-pleasure books; (ii) Government Printed Matters; (iii) Quick Turnaround Time Education Books; and (iv) catalogues, operating manuals and promotional leaflets.

We also provide printing related services, such as warehousing and direct mailing, call centre services and ancillary services through our proprietary IPALM platform. In order to better serve our customers through the use of technology, our Company is focused on the continual development of our IPALM system so that we are able to offer customers a wide spectrum of electronic services to enhance their (or their end-user customers’) experience, supply chain management and/or business.

OPUS was founded in 1983. However, our history can be traced back to 1967 when Union Offset (which was acquired by OPUS in 2009) was established. Since that time, our Group has evolved through the acquisition (and disposal) of various print related businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Following the listing of OPUS on the ASX in 2012, our Group has undergone a series of restructurings and is currently focused on the provision of one stop shop printing solutions and services at three production facilities namely, the CanPrint Facility, the Ligare Facility and the MPG Facility.

According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, in terms of revenue generated in 2017, we are (i) the largest government segment printing services provider within the overall commercial printing industry in Australia (ranking fifth largest in the overall commercial printing industry in Australia); and (ii) the largest printing services provider in the book printing industry in Australia.

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